The “Sunset Elafonisi Apartments” are located in Livadia (Elafonisi region), just 9,5 km from the magnificent Elafonisi Beach. Livadia is an independent village where visitors can eat, sleep, swim and relax in an idyllic landscape.

Of course we would recommend you to visit the magnificent Elafonisi. A place of special beauty and a Natura protected area. One would say that nature did its miracle here!

The east side of the beach, in front of the lagoon, is organized and attracts most people. There are umbrellas, showers, lifeguards, refreshments and changing apartmernts. Also, behind the organized beach there is a huge area for parking. On the hand, the beaches on either side of the island are less crowded and more beautiful. If you want to be completely isolated or even naked, you can walk along the peninsula until you find a bay that you like.

The 1824 massacre at Elafonisi
850 people were massacred here by the Turks on Easter day in 1824. The massacre was purely for revenge and punishment for the rebel Cretan people, as the victims were mainly women children.

The shipwreck of the Imperatrix in Elafonissi
On the reefs around Elafonissi, in February 1907, the Imperatrix steamboat was wrecked, killing 38 of the 140 who were travelling to India (120 crew and 20 passengers). The monks from the Chrysoskalitissa monastery along with the few locals dove into the frenzied waves and managed to save 38 people.

To avoid similar tragedies in the future, a tall lighthouse was built at Elafonisi that was visible from a distance and warned sailors to stay away from dangerous rocks. Unfortunately, all the cedars and other trees on Elafonisi were sacrificed to build the lighthouse. This lighthouse was destroyed by the German army in World War II and today has been replaced by another modern one.

Kedrodasos is a wonderful beach located 76 km southwest of Chania and 1 km west of the famous lagoon in Elafonisi. Note that there is no car access.

The beach is full of juniper trees, resembling cedar trees, and sand dunes, reminiscent of Lebanon’s tropical beaches. Kedrodasos covers a vast area of about 30 acres and is a beautiful place: it is ideal for camping and is one of the favorite nudist beaches. The beach has white sand and some rocks.

There are no infrastructures nearby, making this secluded beach one of the last untouched paradises in Europe.